23 May 2018
Go places. Treat yourself often.


Join Choice Privileges®

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As our guest in our hotel you can use the advantages of the rewards program Choice Privileges®. Join and start collecting points for a free night today.

Earn points at over 5,500 locations in the U.S. (including Hawaii), Canada, Europe*, Middle East, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Australasia**.

-   Or collect points with one of our airline partner
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Earn Points

Earn Choice Privileges® points for:

-   Stays in our hotels
-   Referring friends
-   Renting cars


Redeem your Choice Privileges® points for these great rewards:

-   Free nights at more than 6,000 Choice Privileges® locations worldwide (no blackout dates)
-   Free nights at luxury hotels and resorts
-   Airline Rewards

* Excluding Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.
** Including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.



Our daily best rates
 Single Double
23.05. Wed.  €77    €85
24.05. Thu.  €57    €65
25.05. Fri.  €57    €75
26.05. Sat.  €57    €75
exclusive breakfast buffet 
Horn - Bad Meinberg Info
Time:  18:47
Wed, 23.05.  21°C 
Thu, 24.05.  22°C 
Fri, 25.05.  25°C 
Distances from hotel
Centre 0.5 km
Fair 32.0 km
Trainstation 3.3 km
Airport 51.6 km
Freeway A2 40.0 km
University 36.4 km
Event calendar
No Events
31.05.2017 06:00h
We will inform you about news, events and offers.
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